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A well-decorated home brings joy and comfort to its inhabitants. If you’re looking for expert full house decoration services to transform your living spaces, you’ve come to the right place. Our skilled team of designers and decorators is committed to making your dream home a reality. With our comprehensive and personalized approach to decoration, we ensure that your house becomes a stunning and functional haven.

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Why choose us for your decoration project?

Extensive design expertise

Our team of designers boasts a wide range of expertise, catering to various styles and preferences. Whether you prefer contemporary, classic, modern, or eclectic designs, we have the creativity to match your vision.

Detailed consultations for tailored solutions

We value your input, and our initial consultations allow us to understand your needs and desires. We work closely with you to create customized solutions that align with your lifestyle and budget.

Holistic approach for harmonious spaces

Our full house decoration services consider every aspect of your home, ensuring a seamless flow between rooms and spaces. This holistic approach creates a sense of harmony throughout your residence.

Premium materials and finishes

To achieve outstanding results, we use only the highest quality materials and finishes. Our strong partnerships with top suppliers enable us to source the best products that combine aesthetics with durability.

Efficient project management

We believe in delivering results on time and within budget. Our dedicated project managers oversee each step of the decoration process, providing a smooth and stress-free experience.

Our process

Complete house decoration process:


Personalised consultation

Our design journey begins with an in-depth discussion, where we learn about your vision and preferences.


Expert design planning

Based on your input, our designers create a detailed plan tailored to your specific needs and desires.


Selection of materials and colours

We offer an extensive range of materials and colours, guiding you through the selection process to match your desired style


Impeccable execution

Our skilled decorators bring the design to life, paying attention to every detail to ensure flawless execution.


Unveiling your dream home

Once the decoration is complete, we reveal your transformed home, making sure it surpasses your expectations.

statement or patterned


If you are looking to add some style to your home with bright statement wallpaper or a subtle pattern throughout a room, Beall Group has the expertise to help you choose the right wallpaper and hang it perfectly for flowing patterns and shapes.


Reviews & Feedback

“They never cease to impress. All jobs are carefully managed and carried out with the professionalism we have come to expect. We have no hesitation in continuing to recommend them.”
London business owner
“Absolutely fantastic from start to finish. Frank was fantastic, he was entirely focused on ensuring the best outcome for me and my flat, all whilst being incredibly easy-going and good company!”
London homeowner
“I recently use these guys to decorate a nursery. They did an excellent job, were on time and very friendly. I would recommend them to anyone.”
London homeowner
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